ZEE5’s show Phirki brings forth the Transgender issues

The world is celebrating the pride month in various ways and highlighting, supporting, encouraging the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people as a social group. Gay pride or LGBT pride is all about promoting the self-affirmation, equality, dignity of the LQBTQ+ community. You don’t need to belong to a particular community to support it. You need to be ready and eager to support what’s right.

One of the other ways, we can bring focus to this community is to talk about it and make our voices reach to a larger audience. Dialogue is crucial to fight the social stigma associated with the community. And this is why I feel that if there were more content produced on the topic, it may help us reach a wider audience.

Image courtesy: ZEE5.com

ZEE5’s Bengali drama TV series, Phirki, is one such show. The story revolves around a little girl, Phirki and a transgender, Lokkhi, who had rescued the little girl and has decided to protect and raise her. The show captures this mother-daughter duo and their unique journey. The series is produced by Acropolis Entertainment and there are 58 episodes available of the show on ZEE5. Also, if you’ve a subscription for ZEE5, you can share it with 4 other people since it allows content to be viewed on 5 screens simultaneously. It’s truly #EntertainmentUnlocked.

The show gives you a sneak peek into what a transgender person goes through and how they are subjected to various societal hurdles, stereotypes, judgements and scrutiny. And it’s admirable that they don’t lose hope and stand tall with pride and confidence. The show is also a journey of how Lokkhi overcomes all these barriers and obstacles and is there for Phirki. Lokkhi’s love for her daughter gives her motivation to face all the challenges, and build a happy life and family for Phirki.

The show is one of the top 10 Bengali shows currently. Acclaimed actor Arjaa Banerjee essays the role of Lokkhi and the role of Phirki as a child is played by Mahi Singh and Sampriti Poddar plays the grown-up version of Phirki’s character. It’s definitely one of the must watch shows if you consume Bengali content.

Currently, Phirki is all grown up and Lokkhi is planning to get her married to a good man belonging to a nice family. But what does the future hold for her? Watch the show on ZEE5 to see Lokkhi’s unique journey unfold in Phirki. Right from the first episode where Lokkhi rescues Phirki, you see a brave transgender woman ready to face the wrath of many men standing with lit-torches ready to set anything and any one on fire. I’m trying not to give any spoilers, you gotta watch the show to see and feel the story of Phirki and more importantly of Lokkhi. Because this mother-daughter duo is special.

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