Out in the Light, Into the Rain


I’m a bright yellow coloured umbrella,

With black and green pattern on me.

There are elephants and camels,

To surround and protect me.


I was part of the display,

At the Bombay Store.

But then a girl walked in,

And picked me up as her own.


She showed me most of Bombay,

But I yearn to see more.

And then I heard the good news,

She’s leaving this shore.


With excitement and expectancy,

I’m lying on the floor.

She’s busy packing things,

One after the other it goes.


I got saved by her mom,

As my companion has forgotten me.

After the reminder, here I go in the bag

Full of excitement and glee.


Gurgaon it is, a new city

But where art thou, rains?

It’s dark and gloomy in here,

I want to go out in the light and into the rains.


It’s been days in Gurgaon,

But there’s no rains,

Every day I hope my companion will take me,

But there’s no need for me and it pains


Oh oh, I hear the thunder,

I think my time has come.

I’ll be out of this darkness, into the light and rains

I finally feel happy and so I hum.


She’s getting ready so I wait patiently,

There’s a car outside the door.

And then she gets a call,

I feel my heart sink and I sing no more.


She walked away from me,

Turned to look at me but then was gone.

I felt an anguish engulf me,

But I didn’t moan.


I’m waiting for the rains; I know it won’t be long

Rains will always come, and it’ll be my gain.

I’ll be happy once more with my companion

Out in the light and into the rain…

One thought on “Out in the Light, Into the Rain

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