You walk, you run,
But you lag behind.
You turn, you wait,
But never get ahead.

Life’s mystery can’t be solved.
True success isn’t easy to grab.

You climb, you crawl,
You set your own pace.
You stretch, you coil
In automatic reflex.

Dreaming and waiting for luck to shine
Yet here you are always behind.

Alone you fight others to get ahead,
They flourish and grow but not you,
You push them away but they propel further on,
You try hard but they form a wall.

A wise one said once, ‘if you want to succeed follow a great man.
He’ll run and dodge making his way and you’ll be bringing in the rear.’

He’s always in front,
but now you are with him.
He’s flying on his own,
but he gave you your wings.

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