Café Irani Chaii – Old world charm in current times

Rating: ****

The fact that it’s so close to home is just awesome! And if that wasn’t enough Café Irani Chaii is a foodie’s delight. Situated in Mahim, the place is small and cosy. Most of the time you will have a queue outside but don’t worry the wait is not much. When I visited the place earlier this month on a Sunday for lunch, I just had to wait for 5 mins to get a table.


The place is a fusion of the old world charm and new world’s convenience. It’s a normal Irani joint where everything is for a purpose, nothing fancy. Do remember to their board with quirky rules written on it. Coming to food, the quantity and taste, both are good. We had ordered kheema pav which was good. I have tried this dish at lot of places and though Irani Chaii is not the best one but it surely is great considering the price we paid for the food.


Next we had ordered Mutton Biryani, which was really tasty. It was cooked using spices/ flavours distinctly associated with Iranian food. It wasn’t spicy but the flavours came out nicely and the mutton was tender and perfectly cooked. The raita reminded me of the one we make at home. The quantity of the biryani was good. One biryani was sufficient for the two of us after we have gobbled the kheema pav. The quantity of the food was also responsible for not letting us try any of the other dishes. Next visit is confirmed!


There is no way we are leaving an Iranian joint without trying their mava cake. Nothing extraordinary about it but it is one of those few things, distinctly, Iranian.

Café Irani Chaii is pocket friendly. The meal for two just costed us Rs. 316! If you haven’t tried it yet, go for it. Again, it’s not a fancy joint but a simple place with great food.

Food: 4/5  |  Ambience: 4/5  |  Service: 3.5/5  |  Value for money: 5/5

3 thoughts on “Café Irani Chaii – Old world charm in current times

  1. wow, never heard of this place before. Would surely want to give it a try soon. I am organising a Parsi food Trail in February, 27-28th to be precise. It would a pleasure to have you with us and enjoy the cuisine along with the town of udvada. Hope to hear from you soon. Have a great weekend. Cheers !


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