The Night Owls!

I love working but I also love travelling and partying. There were times when I have partied 24 hours and not complained about it. Obviously! So if there was a demand/ deadline at work to complete a presentation, should I work for 24 hours straight? Some would balk at the idea, some would sneer, some will reluctantly agree but I and my 2 other colleagues, we embraced the challenge with open arms. Well, not completely because we had our parents to tell the news to.

But work we did that day and night. Completing the presentation and completing it to the satisfaction of our bosses is what our core focus was. Before I tell you what happened to our presentation, I would like to introduce you to the personalities that everyone adopted in office that day. Starting from me, I became the segregator/ delegator. Dividing work between ourselves and giving deadlines to each one of us. I also played the part of constant clock watcher.

The 3am maggi cooked by my friend in office

The 3am maggi cooked by my friend in office

My other partner in crime became the nervous General. She had the work under complete charge and I was sure she will deliver on time but she continuously doubted it and also needed reassurance. But when the night transferred into the wee hours of the morning she was the most confident of us all!

The other criminal was the most chilled out. Sutta breaks were taken even at 2 and 3 am! She knew and believed that the night belongs to us and we will complete the assignment before our bosses take the flight out of Mumbai in morning to the clients’ city where the presentation is due just an hour after they land.

My partner in crime!

My partner in crime!

Our bosses helped us a lot in terms of guidance and encouragement. And also ordered dinner for all of us. Though deciding the menu took us all an hour. And equal time to eat it. But hats off to we, we completed a full-fledged pitch presentation with all the formatting, structure and finishing. I’m sure it met the expectations of our bosses because I received a message from my CEO saying, “Hey Farhat, thanks for the awesome presentation. Hope now we present it as well as you guys have made it”.

Of course I received the message in the morning, while I was sleeping at home. I fell flat on my face as soon as I reached my bed. And got up only after 2pm for lunch and went off to sleep again. So reading the message after getting up from deep slumber brought a smile on my face and made me think that yeah, it’s worth it. But the first ‘working night out in office’ of my life (yes, this was that) was a unique experience. It also landed me a very good friend. I have referred to her earlier as my partner in crime. 🙂


The next morning...

The next morning…

2 thoughts on “The Night Owls!

  1. Sweet. I think its always very satisfying to work hard and then for that work to get appreciated for its merit. And there’s very few things in life as exciting as Maggi at in the middle of work. I think that’s a very awesome high.

    Three cheers Farhat!


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